Guest Post: My name is Md Musa. I am currently doing my Master’s degree on Internet Technologies and Information Systems (ITIS) at Gottfried Wilhelm- Leibniz -Universität Hannover. In the meantime I am working on a part-time basis as a Full-Stack Developer at Wingfield GmbH. I’m not a very good writer so please excuse some of my mistakes. My master’s project is based on data mining and machine learning.

It attracted my attention when I heard about the SAP CodeJam Hannover based on machine learning with SAP. I was excited of getting to know about SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Leonardo and at the end I attended the SAP CodeJam event of Machine Learning with SAP. This took place at Inwerken AG on 13th September 2018. I was slightly nervous in the beginning as this was my first ever CodeJam in Germany but it was really an excellent day from start to finish.

The day started with some rain but after entering Inwerken AG, I felt the true warm welcome offered by a familiar face. I was then given my personalized guest visiting card. Furthermore, upon entering the CodeJam room and taking my seat I saw some gifts placed on the table and these made me even happier.We waited until 10.10 am to start the program. I was a little bit nervous about the language that it would be used. When our instructor introduced himself in English, my language fears disappeared.

I believe that everyone thought about one question: What was the outcome to this particular SAP CodeJam and what have I gained. Well, I picked „Build a Movie Recommendation App with Machine Learning and the XS Advanced Development Model“ project to Machine learning with SAP HANA. The goal of this MovieLens App. was to create a movie recommendation engine from the data import and analysis, then use machine learning algorithms from the SAP HANA APL and PAL libraries, and finally construct a SAPUI5 application to generate and visualize your recommendation results. To achieve this goal I had to make sure that the working environment was smooth first and it is here where I learned completely new things. How to get used to it in SAP HANA with Google Cloud Platform although we had two other options which were Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services. I used Web IDE but most of the others probably used eclipse IDE. This project was completely documented in SAP Developers platform, so I just followed the documentation. Even when I faced problems, I got help from the instructor in fixing the issues. It was my first time working in HANA Cloud but it felt like I´ve been working with it for long and this really made me curious to finish.

The SAP CodeJam was really worth the effort and time. I now know a lot about SAP HANA Cloud, Web IDE, PAL libraries, OData Services, and SAPUI5.

It was indeed a long day for this CodeJam event (10:10 AM to 5:00 PM). We took one lunch break and a few coffee breaks. This event was a regular type of CodeJam which might have been more fun than usual. I might be wrong because all the attendees are programmers. But I liked the way that the event was managed; the gifts, coffee breaks, lunch, and snacks.