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The world is complex. The SAP world is complicated and huge. I learned this quickly right after my education and training and on the decision becoming an SAP developer. In 1996 the World Wide Web was still at its infancy stage. Information about SAP was indeed hard to find. Everything worth knowing about SAP was very little and could be found on a handful of pages. One of the sites that provided some information was It still exists, but has not been maintained for many years. I quickly realized that even experienced colleagues with many years of expertise could only scratch the surface and lacked detailed knowledge. In addition, tips and hints were only passed on by „mouth to mouth „. There was not any knowledge database in existence.

Experience number 1: Some cook only with water!
The first mentor I had during my apprenticeship as a trainee, wrote everything regarding customers in a text file on his laptop. For each customer there was a separate text file. Everything was logged in detail. If necessary, he could quickly and effectively search for the few text files by using key words. The first few weeks I smiled at this meticulous technique. But soon though, I got to a point where I could not remember all the report names, transactions and function blocks that had once crossed my path.

Experience number 2: Write down your knowledge or it will be lost!
These two experiences were the basis for my decision to bring the Tricktresor into life. I have been looking for a way to quickly and reliably fall back on my learned knowledge. In doing so, I have realized that finding a solution is one thing but the description of the problem is quite different and more difficult. I have been working on the precise description of the problem and the solution. I am still intensively occupied on this topic.

Since 2013, I have been developing articles on ABAP programming under the blue-orange design. I attach great importance and pay close attention to simplicity. Many tricks are very complex and difficult to understand. It is important to focus on the essentials. The Tricktresor is now an integral part of the German „SAP scene“ and consistently offers high-quality tips and tricks on ABAP programming.

The name Tricktresor is meant to be a tribute to the fact that I publish tricks and tips that many would prefer to lock in their personal „safe“ so that no one else can benefit from this knowledge. However, I believe that sharing knowledge brings out more instead of keeping it for oneself. At Inwerken AG, where I have been working since 2008, I have found a company that shares this point of view. With the organization of the SAP Inside track in Hanover, SAP CodeJams and an SAP group of regulars, the employees of Inwerken AG are an active part of the SAP community.

Enno Wulff



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