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    • SAP-Addons: Presented in a modern Portal.
    • Developed by smart consultants
    • Revised by experienced developers.

    At first sight AppKnight is only a portal where SAP add-ons are offered for purchase. Behind this, however, is a concept that is unique in the SAP environment. It is not just a market place but an opportunity for companies and freelancers to bring their developments to the open.

    You are running one or more SAP systems and want to use clever SAP add-ons? Are you interested in smart and easy to use tools? Do you want to know beforehand what you are getting for your money? Our SAP apps will inspire you! Professionally programmed, uncomplicated troubleshooting, smart solutions.

    You are a programmer and you wish to sell your sophisticated programs simply and without complications? You only have to manage the source code, we will take care of the rest: revision of the code, documentation, troubleshooting, service, marketing.

    AppKnight is currently under development and will be available online in 2022.

    Please register here so you can be kept up to date and on how to proceed.

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