1006, 2024

QM im SAP S/4HANA Part 2/2: Along the “Product Lifecycle“

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The product life cycle of a company’s product is critical to its success. It begins with the introduction of a new product into the market, followed by a growth phase where sales increase. Then the product reaches maturity where sales stabilize, and competition increases. In the saturation phase, sales decrease and finally the product enters a decline phase where it has evolved or replaced by new innovations or market trends.

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1605, 2024

Dispute Management – a Communications center in SAP-System

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What is dispute management? In the SAP standard, the main subject is support in the processing of claim-related dispute cases. SAP Dispute Management for FI-AR is part of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management. In the event of discrepancies with the customer, functional intervention is made in the logistical process chain > order – delivery – invoice – payment < at the point between invoice and payment. The dispute cases are tracked centrally, and their processing is controlled via a so-called case file.

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705, 2024

Mobile Device Management – What does it do to our devices

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Office, remote working, on the train, at the rest area, during the day and even while being asleep. The world has never been as interconnected as it is today. We live in the age of smartphones, tablets and whatever else may the future bring. TikTok and Instagram join Outlook and MS Teams with the indispensable security standard of multi-factor authentication (MFA) on smartphones. This is how work and private worlds are connected.

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2204, 2024

Monitoring Solutions – An Overview

By |22. April 2024|Categories: Allgemeine IT-Themen, Blog, Expert Blog, Fachbeitrag|

If a system fails in production and no one notices, is there even a problem? Who doesn’t know the well-known thought experiment of the “falling tree in the forest”, which falls silently to the ground without an observer (perhaps?). For some reason, this was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about an introduction to IT monitoring.

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