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2405, 2019

SAP networking and fun at the SitHVR

By |24. May 2019|Categories: Blog, Blog, Events, Events, Expert Blog, SAP Inside Track, SAP-Community|

The SAP Inside Track was the reason for my first visit to the city although it took place just on the outskirts. It seems as if I´ve been in Hannover more often than in Berlin. I am an occasional ABAP programmer with reports that fortunately rarely go live (if they do so it is usually with beads of sweat on my forehead). The SAP Inside Track is as an opportunity for getting new as well as maintaining existing contacts. [ Mehr… ]

2904, 2019

Unit-Tests 2/3: ABAP in Eclipse

By |29. April 2019|Categories: Blog, Blog, ERP, Expert Blog, Experts, Fachbeitrag|

The development environment Eclipse became known through the programming language Java. For some years, though, Eclipse has also supported programming with ABAP. Many Java developers swear by the development environment as it offers many opportunities to simplify development and improve the quality of the source code. [ Mehr… ]

804, 2019

CodeRetreat: Pair Programming

By |8. April 2019|Categories: Events, Experts|

Another CodeRetreat took place at Inwerken on the 15.02.2019. The “hot topic” “Test Driven Development” was taken up and was presented in the SAP world.With the fact that the practical tasks of the last CodeRetreats proved themselves, it was decided that the task Conways Game of Life would be programmed this time. [ Mehr… ]

2203, 2019

IoT – Plug-and-Play – NDSU 2019

By |22. March 2019|Categories: Experts, International|

Every year, Inwerken cooperates with North Dakota State University in the form of exciting projects carried out by students and trainees. In 2019, the two cooperation partners are involvede in the “IoT” area. A very interesting development field, which contains many creative aspects and active involvement in various topics. [ Mehr… ]

103, 2019

Review: SAP CodeJam „Custom code migration to S4/HANA“

By |1. March 2019|Categories: Events, Experts|

Many companies plan or are planning to set up a S/4HANA system or migrate their existing ERP system to SAP S/4HANA in the upcoming months and years. Over the past decades most SAP systems have been adapted to the company-specific processes. [ Mehr… ]

1801, 2019

SAP CodeJam: Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA

By |18. January 2019|Categories: Events, Experts|

Ingo Bräuninger is an expert on the Product Innovation Technology Platform ABAP. On 14th of february 2019, he will be the lecturer for the SAP CodeJam “Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA” at Inwerken. In our interview he tells us what can be learned. [ Mehr… ]

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