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1508, 2022

Change of the SEPA – format in SAP

By |15. August 2022|Categories: Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog|

The SEPA file formats will be changed again on December 1st, 2022. Since the current data carriers for SEPA transfers no longer correspond to the current processing format, many companies receive corresponding information letters from their house banks. They will be informed that the payment media will no longer be accepted from December 2022 or payments can no longer be carried out. [Read more…]

408, 2022

New Ledger in S/4HANA: Basics and Advantages

By |4. August 2022|Categories: Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, ERP, Expert Blog, Fachbeitrag, S/4HANA, SAP-Community, Services|

The term “New General Ledger” has existed in the SAP world for several years. In S/4HANA, this has now become the standard. It offers users many new, helpful, and exciting functions. This article is about the basics and advantages that the new general ledger has to offer, and which new functions are included.

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2107, 2022

SAP consulting company, Inwerken AG with a certified quality management system ISO 9001

By |21. July 2022|Categories: Blog, Blog, Blog, Expert Blog, Blog, Fachbeitrag, Fachbeitrag, Services, Blog, Services, Blog|

Isernhagen, July 21, 2022

– The SAP and IT consulting company Inwerken AG has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for a successfully implemented quality management system. Amongst other things, the following were certified in the service areas of SAP consulting and development solutions including basic infrastructure as well as service and support. However, this does not mean that all goals we have set ourselves have been achieved. [Read more…]

2903, 2022

Mobile SAP-Apps: PWA´s, SMP and Cordova

By |29. March 2022|Categories: Blog, Expert Blog|

Traditional web apps are slow, not available offline, and cannot be installed on smart phones. They must be fully reloaded after each closing. As a result, they become unavailable for many use cases and are being replaced by native apps from the App Store. Native apps must be redeveloped for each platform. Web apps, on the other hand, are platform independent.
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2104, 2021

Predictive maintenance using machine learning and UI5

By |21. April 2021|Categories: Blog, Blog, ERP, Expert Blog, Fachbeitrag|

This article is about the development of a machine learning model. Technical progress contributes to a sharp increase in system complexity. The manual maintenance of machines, system components and production lines is correspondingly more complex and expensive. This is why automated maintenance is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry.
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2807, 2020

Extension of material documents in S/4HANA

By |28. July 2020|Categories: Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, ERP, Expert Blog, Experts, Fachbeitrag|

DBSQL_REDIRECT_INCONSISTENCY –I have come across a lot of “dumps” during the years as an ABAP developer. But this was new. What had happened?
Maic, who is an ABAP cookbook author reports on hurdles and solutions for dealing with S / 4HANA-related changes in the data model of logistics.
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