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2904, 2020

Physical distance should not be an obstacle to help

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Physical distance should not be an obstacle in helping others. From the diagnosis day onwards, the Oncological Forum in Celle offers cancer patients competent and deeply human psycho-oncological and nursing advice and support. This service and the feeling of safety and support must not be lost during the difficult times of Covid-19. [ Mehr… ]

2404, 2020

GitLab – Simply migrate?

By |24. April 2020|Categories: Blog, Expert Blog, Experts|

In this migration guide, web developer Dominik describes different challenges and stumbling blocks when migrating the version of the management tool “GitLab”. In the example shown, version 10.0.2 is migrated from a web server with VM Debian v7 to a current Debian v10 on-premises system. The use of Docker simplifies [ Mehr… ]

1404, 2020

NDSU: Mixed-Reality & eKanban

By |14. April 2020|Categories: Blog, Blog, Blog, Expert Blog, Fachbeitrag, International|

Mixed-Reality & eKanban
Mixed Reality is the topic of this year’s “Capstone Project”. Inwerken has been active as a project sponsor for several years. Numerous pioneering projects with the North Dakota State University (NDSU) have already been implemented. From the broad spectrum of possible areas of application for mixed reality, [ Mehr… ]

204, 2020

Covid-19: Simply together and digital

By |2. April 2020|Categories: Blog, Career, Events|

Our economy has been in a state of emergency for more than three weeks. New rules and laws are being constantly promulgated and influence both business as well as private life. First and foremost is to maintain a cool head and act in solidarity. Together, we can do that. [ Mehr… ]

302, 2020

Exciting information on data protection day

By |3. February 2020|Categories: Blog, Fachbeitrag|

What does a data protection coordinator do and why is the data protection of a company important? To answer these questions, Tiziana, a dual student at Inwerken AG, conducted an interview with her colleague Benjamin on the occasion of the European Data Protection Day.

Tiziana: Hello Benjamin. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Firstly, tell a little about yourself. Who you are and what exactly do you do at Inwerken?

Benjamin: Hello Tiziana. My name is Benjamin Seifert and I am a systems and network administrator at Inwerken AG. I have a wide range of tasks in the IT department. My activities include security, user support, procurement of hardware, conceptual design of the network for our new headquarters in Isernhagen, software validation, various technical tasks in the team and I am also a data protection coordinator.

Tiziana: Why is it important for a company to protect its data and [ Mehr… ]

412, 2019

Change of scenery in the new year – we mean that literally

By |4. December 2019|Categories: Blog, Blog, Events|

Where we are moving to
As from 1st January 2020 the new address of our headquarters will be: Pappelweg 5, 30916 Isernhagen. The new company building is just under two kilometers away from the previous location. The new building is located in the beautiful district of Isernhagen and is adjacent to a small forest. [ Mehr… ]