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2004, 2018

Small interview with SAP CodeJam leader Lucia Subatin

By |20. April 2018|Categories: Events, Experts|

On the 3rd of May 2018 we will host a special SAP CodeJam: It is in collaboration with “Google”. Lucia Subatin will be the speaker from SAP. In a small interview she introduces herself and tells us what she is expecting from the CodeJam. [ Mehr… ]

1505, 2017

SAP IoT “Capstone-Project” with North Dakota State University

By |15. May 2017|Categories: Expert Blog, Experts, Fachbeitrag, International|

It is finished! This year’s collaboration between North Dakota State University and Inwerken AG has come to a successful conclusion.

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1509, 2016

SAP Fiori Overview Page (OVP) – Getting Started

By |15. September 2016|Categories: Expert Blog, Experts, Fachbeitrag|

The other parts of the blog series will focus on the development of OVPs in the SAP Web IDE. For this purpose, a few prerequisites have to be observed and implemented in advance, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

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