– a jack of all trades sees the light of the day

A jack of all trades that solves all the problems of everyday work. On the new website, visitors can discover the production facilities of a jack-of-all-trades (EILEWOMISA for short) and experience SAP solutions and IIoT scenarios. Production, logistics specialists and managers can find inspiration on the topics of digitalization and automation of production processes. [Read more…]

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Liquidity calculation: SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) with S/4HANA

Plan future liquidity requirements with the SAP Analytics Cloud: Not only, but especially, in times of rising interest rates, material, energy and personnel costs, companies are increasingly faced with the question of whether sufficient liquid funds are always available for current expenses. Planned investments also require sufficient short-term liquidity to be able to pay invoices.

These [Read more…]

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New Ledger in S/4HANA: Basics and Advantages

The term “New General Ledger” has existed in the SAP world for several years. In S/4HANA, this has now become the standard. It offers users many new, helpful, and exciting functions. This article is about the basics and advantages that the new general ledger has to offer, and which new functions are included.

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NDSU: Mixed-Reality & eKanban

Mixed-Reality & eKanban
Mixed Reality is the topic of this year’s “Capstone Project”. Inwerken has been active as a project sponsor for several years. Numerous pioneering projects with the North Dakota State University (NDSU) have already been implemented. From the broad spectrum of possible areas of application for mixed reality, [Read more…]

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