eKanban and IoT

WSN Technologies AG develops end-to-end solutions for capturing, transmitting and managing sensor data in operational processes that help increase efficiency, reduce errors and minimize costs. Forecasts indicate that by 2020 more than 20 billion IoT sensors (short for “Internet of Things”) and devices will be interconnected worldwide. In this context, WSN pursues a clear mission: to implement the “Internet connection of things” for customers as safely, energy-efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In 2017, Inwerken AG participated and contributed in WSN Technologies AG projects and products and supplements the subsidiary with experience and expertise in the areas of SAP and ERP.

Products and Solutions

One of the main focuses of WSN’s products and solutions is the use of so-called “Low Power Wide Area Networks” (LPWAN for short). These allow the development of self-sufficient devices and sensors with battery life of several years. Unlicensed frequencies are used, which are available worldwide. In contrast to Wi-fi-based illumination, these ensure reliable and comprehensive indoor data transmission. Thus, sensors and terminals communicate with the ERP or WMS systems consistently and in real time.

In addition, WSN develops solutions to simplify activities and processes in manufacturing, such as order picking/commissioning: Here, the automated acquisition of sensor information when removing chutes or by part replenishment with the supportive “Pick-by-Light” Technology reduces errors and hence increases efficiency.

In addition to the actual device firmware, WSN offers cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows) applications for monitoring and controlling processes. Together with an application-specific back-end server software, it creates a complete package that can be adapted to any individual ERP infrastructure. A good example of a complete solution was created in collaboration with Inwerken. A complete electronic Kanban solution with direct SAP connection and UI5 implementation was developed.


WSN Technologies

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WSN explores and develops innovative solutions in the Industrial IoT space. We are focused on low-power wireless transmission of sensor data. Based on this future-proof technology, we design products and services that are perfectly tuned to your requirements.