We once again conducted a customer satisfaction survey at Inwerken. We would like to communicate the results to the outside world in order to show new potential business partners what they can gain with Inwerken as well as what our existing customers value about us. As part of this article, we would like to thank our customers and employees for their openness, participation and commitment. The results provide us with invaluable feedback that helps us to continually improve.

Valuable humanity in everyday business life in service companies

As a service company, people are the linchpin of our daily work. On the one hand, the main protagonists are of course customers who have expectations of a service provider that relate to both the service to be provided and the interpersonal exchange or service. On the other hand, the same applies to employees who provide the service and would like to meet expectations. Both parties are significantly involved in shaping a service company (through expectations or skills, for example) and manifesting its success – or not.

Why, how, and what we query

In the above-mentioned customer satisfaction survey, we examine 5 topics that are important to us in cooperation and service provision: reliability, agility, performance competence, empathy, and the external image effect of employees but also Inwerken itself. Our customers answer questions about the 5 categories that reflect basic expectations check on the one hand and compare the degree of fulfilment through work on the other. In addition, free statements can be made in addition.

Results of customer satisfaction surveys

The evaluation shows that Inwerken customers have the highest expectations in the “agility” category, closely followed by “reliability” and “performance competence”. We can be proud that the overall average in each category exceeds our customers’ expectations. These supplement the survey, for example with statements such as:

„Contact is always seamless and goal oriented. Implementation always to the fullest satisfaction, even in terms of time. Thank you at this point for your extraordinary willingness!”

A category that attracted particular attention internally last year was “empathy”. Our customers once again rated the product well above their own basic expectations of an SAP service company. Respectful interaction, meeting at eye level, listening and defusing conflict situations play important roles here. A customer adds with a statement:

„This is where Inwerken’s greatest strength can be seen compared to larger global SAP consulting companies.“

And in the last survey category “External image and impact” we were also pleased with a slight increase above average expectations.

Thank you! We work with your Feedback.

At this point we would like to thank you again for taking part in the survey! This will help us and our employees enormously. Even if we notice a negative variance on one point. This helps us to question our own actions and to recognize what the cause may be and how we can improve this in the future. This means we grow together. We can also draw conclusions from the positive reviews. Namely: Are we (still) on the right track in pursuing what we have defined as relevant for ourselves and as company values. Your feedback is therefore invaluable for Inwerken and our employees. We hope that we will receive numerous feedback forms again this fall. With that in mind, thank you very much!

The Inwerken team