QM im SAP S/4HANA Part 2/2: Along the “Product Lifecycle“

The product life cycle of a company’s product is critical to its success. It begins with the introduction of a new product into the market, followed by a growth phase where sales increase. Then the product reaches maturity where sales stabilize, and competition increases. In the saturation phase, sales decrease and finally the product enters [Read more…]

Dispute Management – a Communications center in SAP-System

What is dispute management? In the SAP standard, the main subject is support in the processing of claim-related dispute cases. SAP Dispute Management for FI-AR is part of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management. In the event of discrepancies with the customer, functional intervention is made in the logistical process chain > order – delivery – [Read more…]

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Integrative QM systems are becoming increasingly indispensable for companies. The systems enable efficient implementation and compliance with ever-increasing and varying quality requirements. Correct implementation in all areas of the company not only improves product quality and company processes, but also customer satisfaction and profitability.

[Read more…]

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