IT Thinkers, Business Interpreters, Process Designers

Professional and business-oriented IT consulting to make other people’s work easier. That was the simple approach, from which the Inwerken AG (formerly COMbridge GmbH) originated. With this idea and a small office in Hanover a medium-sized IT consulting company was established. Within a decade Inwerken opened and established further locations in Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Brunswick and Rudolstadt.

Furthermore, Inwerken collaborates with its subsidiary WSN Technologies AG in the field of wireless IoT. Our common goal is: Creation of digital factories – paperless and intelligent manufacturing. Additionally, the newly founded management and IT consultancy Synväx GmbH has been, since 2019, advising public transport and utilities companies on topics such as digitization, grant / fund coaching and outsourcing management.

1999 Gründung als COMbridge GmbH

2000Betriebsaufnahme COMbridge GmbH

2002Umwandlung in die COMbridge AG

2009 – Offizieller Service-Partner der SAP

2012 – Aus dem COMbridge Geschäftsbereich Hannover wird Inwerken

2012 – Eröffnung des  Inwerken-Standorts in Hamburg

2012Rezertifizierung zum Service-Partner der SAP

2013Umwandlung in Inwerken AG

2013 – Neuer Standort Stuttgart

2014 – Eröffnung des Inwerken-Büros in Braunschweig

2015 – Inwerken ist SAP Silver Partner

2017 – Inwerken wird Anteilseigner der WSN Technologies AG

2018 – Eröffnung des neuen Standorts Berlin

2018 – Eröffnung des neuen Standorts Rudolstadt

2019 – Ausgründung der Tochtergesellschaft & Managementberatung Synväx GmbH

2020 – Neuer Firmenhauptsitz in Isernhagen bei Hannover

Inwerken - Gegründet 1999

More than 18 years of experience in consulting and development


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We value simple and goal specific work processes. Things that make life easier. We prefer the direct route. We make decisions based on solid foundations which comprise consistency, transparency, loyalty, experience and expertise. These attributes apply, externally to our long- standing customers and internally within the organization. The principle here is: to seize, act and react. Set impulses so that momentum occurs. We do not necessarily think of “reinventing the wheel” but only adding some need-oriented parts to it; being a little faster, experiencing the near and far future and making our resources even safer. There is a vast amount of good reasons why you should get to know our team and  implement projects together: We are strongly aware of our responsibilities, we act on equal terms and we are specific goal-oriented. The tapping and clicking of PC keyboards makes us feel at home and so does the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that spreads in the corridors of our offices every morning. The exchange of knowledge is a central component of our daily routine and events as well as within the SAP community. We strongly believe that knowledge, success and enjoyment should be and must be shared.

We can proudly claim that our customers, regardless of their industry sector, have a great demand of our work. This is not by accident. This is no wonder. Why? Because developed solutions and joint projects are the heartbeat of any modern corporate culture as well as the information technology structure. We start our daily work armed with this knowledge. We move a little bit every day – and in doing so we manage to help as well as simplify the daily work of thousands of people in companies. Day by day, we help them to generate faster success experience by understanding their own actions. We are SAP thinkers, business interpreters and process designers with a view to the future.

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