QM im SAP S/4HANA Part 2/2: Along the “Product Lifecycle“

The product life cycle of a company’s product is critical to its success. It begins with the introduction of a new product into the market, followed by a growth phase where sales increase. Then the product reaches maturity where sales stabilize, and competition increases. In the saturation phase, sales decrease and finally the product enters [Read more…]


Integrative QM systems are becoming increasingly indispensable for companies. The systems enable efficient implementation and compliance with ever-increasing and varying quality requirements. Correct implementation in all areas of the company not only improves product quality and company processes, but also customer satisfaction and profitability.

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The New Service Core

With the announcement of the new S/4HANA system, many process modules have been implemented in the new S/4 Core. But hardly any other module has been subjected to as many adjustments in the previous release cycle as the ECC known SAP CS module. From the removal of basic functionalities, such as the ability to generate [Read more…]

Threat Modeling Workshop

Threat Modeling? I’ve heard of that before… but: What is  “Threat Modeling Workshop” and what is it used for? This blog post is intended to help developers and product managers to understand the concept of the “Threat Modeling Workshop” better. This helps you to check software developments from a security perspective and, if necessary, optimize [Read more…]

Deferred taxes with S/4HANA

With increasing globalization, SAP users in Germany are also confronted with tax regulations in different countries. These can be supported in and with S/4HANA. If accounting is carried out centrally in a shared service center for several countries within a group, the rules of the respective supported countries must be understood and applied correctly. For [Read more…]

NDSU: Mixed-Reality & eKanban

Mixed-Reality & eKanban
Mixed Reality is the topic of this year’s “Capstone Project”. Inwerken has been active as a project sponsor for several years. Numerous pioneering projects with the North Dakota State University (NDSU) have already been implemented. From the broad spectrum of possible areas of application for mixed reality, [Read more…]

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