The issue of reminders is fundamentally annoying. SAP helps by default to map this process step by default. But what about late fees? By default, these are printed in the reminder letter, but no booking is created.

This makes it more difficult to clear the open items when payments are received. SAP is not able to balance the receipt of payment with the customer’s open items, as the reminder fee usually exceeds the set tolerances. Compensation as a payment difference would not be objectively correct and is therefore not desirable.

The reminder should, rather, create an open item and when payment is received, which includes the open claim and the reminder fee, both items should be balanced.

When the dunning run is carried out, a new open item in the amount of the dunning fee is created for open items that have exceeded the net payment targets. The debit posting is made to the debtor, the credit posting is made to a revenue account that has yet to be defined.

The open item for the reminder fee refers to the outstanding claim that has been reminded.

In order to automatically record incoming payments that include reminder fees, adjustments must be made in the electronic account statement.

For each incoming payment that has exceeded the net due date, it must be checked whether a reminder has already been sent and whether there is an open item for the reminder fee.

If the receipt of payment includes the reminder fee, the original claim and the item for the reminder fee must be offset.

When payment is received for a claim for which there is already an item for the reminder fee, but this is not included in the payment, only the open item of the claim is settled. The item for the reminder fee remains.

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