Reaching the goal in 5 “work stages” – Inwerken as a project partner

Let us first imagine that you wish to implement a digitization or an ERP project and you are searching for a partner. During a conversation someone opposite you tells you that he knows someone who said that he had a local partner who did a very good job. This gets you curious to search for more information and find out more about the recommended I.T company and what their ability to act were. Contact with the recommended company is established and the rest takes its course. This is the way that over 80% of our customers have come to us today.

This word-of-mouth recommendation, arises due to the high level of commitment of our specialists, to our speed and agility as well as to the permanent project contacts.

The focus of every project is straightforward to us: The accuracy of your project approach is tailored to the available budget, time span and the participants. This is also a reason why we do not offer assembly line solutions but rather respond to and advise each customer individually. We carry this out with the so-called Inwerken work stages:

1. The analysis stage: In the analysis stage, we will analyze your problems and the associated requirements in order to develop a concept that will produce the desired solution. During this stage you will get to know your personal contact.

2. The concept stage: The concept, including all requirements and the current status will be recorded in our functional specifications. In this way, you will always be on the safe side. We will recommend the scope of the procedure in terms of time, budget and participants but you will be the one to determine the final detail level of our activities.

3. The implementation stage: The implementation begins with the concept basis. However, not everything that is written on paper is set in stone. Our customers value us for our flexibility and agility as well as the possibility of adjusting the requirements. The iteration processes, the close cooperation on site and the high level of personal commitment of our employees enable us to act and react directly to changes.

4. The finalization stage: In the last project phase we will accompany you during the commissioning of your new solution and carry out key user training or seminars on site. We will only stop when you say: Now we are satisfied.

5. Service stage: If you subsequently need an application management service, we will be happy to provide it to you either on-site or remotely. Our employees have high levels of technical expertise and are regularly trained which ensures the highest quality standard.

Expertise, trust and cooperation at eye level are the most important pillars of a relationship between service providers and their customers. This is the only way to become partners. Simply listen, advise, implement and successfully reach your goal.

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