Training key users is an important part of our daily work at Inwerken because only those who know what needs to be done and what tips or tricks there are in daily use of SAP can use the advantages of ERP. In the following article, SAP consultant and seminar speaker Swen Goldschmidt explains why SAP basic training courses are so valuable for users and describes his experiences.

Observation: SAP key users work more complicated than they need to

I have been providing basic knowledge for SAP users for several years. Many companies hire new employees with SAP knowledge. Many of these key users though, have never heard of any specific tips and tricks. As part of my training courses, I often hear the sentence: “If I had known that my work would have been much more relaxed”. It is not uncommon for these to be pent-up frustration factors that have a negative effect on the quality of work of the user. These factors could have been easily avoidable.

Recommendation: Cross-departmental SAP basic training

I recommend that a key user should engage with the topic of SAP basic training during their working careers.

Especially if companies…

  • … have recently introduced SAP or S/4HANA.
  • … hired several new end users (in different departments).
  • … have long-standing employees who have not received a refresher course for a long time or who have not yet been able to attend a course as part of their employment relationship.

My training courses are not about gaining knowledge in the individual departments, but about background tricks that can be applied across the board. There are a lot of these little giveaways. This involves, for example, abbreviations, key combinations, or options in various places that can be very helpful for daily work. In this respect, it is also irrelevant whether you are still working with the ERP ECC or already with S/4HANA. The only difference might be where to find this supporting information. Daily work is made easier with this knowledge and employee work satisfaction with the system increases.

Structure of the SAP basic training

An SAP basic training takes about 4 hours and can take place simultaneously with different departments. I’m not reinventing the wheel here but pointing out to what already exists and where it can be located. I talk to the participants about the following points:

  • Shortcuts
  • Menu control
  • Search Helps
  • Favorites management
  • Help functions
  • Table Control – Variants
  • Display Options
  • User settings – parameters
  • Layout creation
  • Printing a spool request, … a table, … an output table
  • Change documents – history

The training courses should ideally, take place on site although remote is also possible. However, experience has shown that it makes more sense for the learning success of the participants if you can interact live.

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