Additional Development

SAP standard transactions are extensive and complex. You can handle a wide variety of different tasks, that depending on which settings have been made in Customizing. However, not all functionalities can generally be invented in such a way that all requirements of a customer are depicted afterwards. It can also happen that some developments after years of use are no longer up to date and need to be functionally expanded. Here are additional developments or so-called extensions used.

Many transactions or programs have already thought-out “backdoors” that a customer can use for their own programming. There are several techniques that have been devised and used by SAP over the years, such as user exits, customer functions, business add-ins or enhancement points.

For extensions, it is particularly important to be familiar with the data structure of the objects to be processed. It must be clearly defined what the purpose of the coding is and whether affected parts interact with other transactions and this needs to be obvious to the users.

We will support you with the extensions of your existing software. Our development team will work with you to analyze your requirements and show you possible solutions and procedures. Since the way has already been prepared for many solutions, the expenses are easy to estimate. If you have questions or wish to expand please contact us at any time.