Websites are the company’s digital business cards. This is where you get in touch with your customer target group. However, the previously defined goals could only be achieved if a brand has been perfectly translated in digital terms and has been geared towards its own customers consistently. A well-developed website offers your target group a personalized customer experience. This increases conversions and interest in your products and services.

Microsite or landing page? Single-page application (short: SPA) or multi-page (short: MPA)? These are procedural and at the same time marketing strategy decisions with enormous scope. We would be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the respective website types as well as on topics such as:

New development of B2B & B2C websites
Further development of B2B & B2C websites
Relaunch of B2B & B2C websites
Content management systems
Data encryption
Search engine optimization
CX, UI and UX
Web tracking and real-time targeting

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