EWM stands for “Extended Warehouse Management”. The SAP module is part of SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) and is one of the most powerful warehouse management and warehouse control systems in the world. Each warehouse or logistics center can be defined and summarized under warehouse numbers as it is ideal for a company’s internal structure. This also applies to chaotic warehousing at different locations. The simple administration of batches, serial numbers or handling units is just as standard as the definition of put away strategies or the management of incoming and outgoing goods.
To monitor the total quantity of a product in the warehouse, managing it and locating it within your own warehouse complex. This is made possible with the option of a detailed mapping system at the storage location level and complete integration into inventory management and delivery processing.

SAP EWM would be of interest to you if you wanted to map your entire warehouse complex in detail, even down to the storage bin level in your system. Combined with new technologies, such as SAP HANA or the Pick-by-Light process from WSN Technologies AG, our consultants can help you to further streamline, digitize and save money and increase your own efficiency.

Do you have any questions about the SAP EWM module? Our logistics team would be pleased to advise you. Contact us and get to know our experts.

Further Information

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 Alexander Plachetzky

Alexander Plachetzky