Technology Management

In today’s markets, wise deployment of new technologies could gain a considerable competitive advantage for a company. Professional technology management ensures the sustainability, future orientation and positioning of a company in the market and ensures agility. Agility is a prerequisite for marketability in the digital age.
Technology management involves the planning, organization, management and control of business processes involving the procurement, storage and recovery of technologies. During the course of our consultation, we will be concerned with the improvement of your existing business models as well as with the needs-based development of new business models. In both cases, new technologies can be used to meet the current and future needs of IT.
When considering the respective company, questions such as: Which operational challenges are there and how can these be solved? How should the IT infrastructure be structured to adapt to the future requirements of a dynamically changing market? What market advantages do we currently have and how can we continue to extend this lead. Which new business models are created in using new technologies?

In addition to interface technologies such as SAPUI5 and Fiori, our solution portfolio also includes topics such as IoT in general and in the context of SAP, for example SAP Leonardo, S/4HANA Logistics, Financials and Blockchain.

Do you have questions about new technologies like SAP / 4HANA, UI5 or other topics like Big Data? Then please feel free to contacting us.