Do you need a way to handle complex customer requirements from different industries? You have the need to create complex products and structures and want to map them in SAP?

The SAP module PS (Project System) is designed to realize complex project handling from planning to completion. It covers all requirements that arise within a project by integrating different SAP modules, such as CO, FI, SD, MM, etc., and always displays the different views in relation to the project. If the project is planned, a standard cost estimate determines the expected costs. With the help of SAP-PS, applications such as mechanical and plant engineering, large projects in the energy sector or complex customer requirements from different industries can be mapped. In addition, it finds its use in the product life cycle, software development, planning of fairs and exhibitions, as well as prototypes and their pattern development.

We can help you to find the solution tailored to your needs. Because we have a broad know-how from numerous industries. From mechanical engineering to publishing we see ourselves in the position to offer you a customized solution.

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