The digitization of companies has long since reached production and logistics. Both inter-company and internal logistics can only remain competitive with up-to-date IT support. The market, in this regard, is becoming larger and more diverse in the number of suppliers, their solutions and systems. At the same time, the complexity of the processes, as well as the requirements for their safety and profitability, are increasing.

In order to keep track of this and to bring expertise and know-how in the field of wireless IoT into the house, Inwerken AG has joined forces with WSN Technologies AG to form a strong partnership.

WSN Technologies AG is a German company with many years of experience in the field of networked embedded devices. It offers hardware and software solutions for the acquisition, transmission and management of sensor data in the Internet of Things (IoT). As traditional material replenishment concepts are becoming less well-suited to the increasing complexity, flexibility, and variety of industrial production, WSN has developed a new process called the WSNet e-Kanban system. A network equipped with the latest wireless technology (WSNet) automatically acquires the specific material requirements of sensors at the time of their creation and transmits them to the material management system without delay. The system is characterized by simple operation and connectivity to existing ERP systems. Large car manufacturers have been, for some time, keeping an eye on the WSN technologies.

Inwerken and WSN can assist you with the storage, management and handling of cargo handling facilities. Ask us about WSNet, load compartment monitoring, e-Kanban or roller conveyor sensor technology. Our consultants will work with you to analyze the potential of your processes and to check the status of your digitization. One of our aims is to find out how we can jointly improve the security and functionality of your ERP processes and implement them together.