Test Management

The quality and functionality of a software can be ensured with the help of so-called test management. For this purpose, process sequences are defined in advance as test cases that are scrutinized to ensure that the new software meets your requirements.

There are different tools and procedures. On the one hand there is the test management, which is used in running software systems. Here is an example of the SAP Solution Manager. The software offers great business potential and minimizes the risk of maintaining SAP solutions through its integrated testing capabilities. Both within projects, as well as within the line operation.

On the other hand, there are so-called pre-tests, which are already carried out before a new implementation. These are done in order to detect and remedy any weak points before the system integration and during the ongoing implementation process with the ultimate aim of preventing process disruptions. In doing so, we identify, together, the scope of the test, create a test plan and a system setup in order to carry out the tests based on these specifications. These will be then documented and any vulnerabilities will be eliminated.

Which test management principle suits you best depends, among other things, on the complexity of your existing IT infrastructure. The more interfaces and dependencies that do exist, the greater the risk that process disruptions will occur without an upstream test management.

We will support you in the selection of suitable tools and appropriate procedures.

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