User Interface Development

A well-designed interface with a well thought-out operating concept is worth gold. The more people use a program and the more often it is used, the more the benefits in paying attention to details. There are often minimal changes in the design, which in a way yield a great operating advantage and thus enabling more efficient work.
User interface development is a direct part of the programming work of our developers. We believe that good interfaces are not just about how they look, but about thoughtful and intuitive functionalities. It is mainly about the creation and positioning of elements, as well as structure definitions, filling of elements and interaction with the program and other controls. The operation of the elements must be as intuitive and clear as possible for the users, so that they can use certain elements, for example, by drag and drop or right-click without prior knowledge.
For complex transactions we create a Mockup in advance. The individual elements are represented with their basic functions. When programming in ABAP, so-called Dynpros are created that make it easier for users to operate the software.
The surface conception SAP UI5 and Fiori play a special role: Here, it is extremely important which elements should be arranged like, as often the direct underlying functionality results from this. We will create this concept so that the new interface meets your requirements and needs and the software will bring a new feeling during your daily work.

Should you have any questions regarding user interface development or should you wish to know how you can make your own work more efficient by using a well-designed interface? Then you are more than welcome to contact us.