Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM) is all about managing users and permissions with the help of SAP. Today, modern enterprise employees have a variety of digital identities ranging from corporate email addresses, smart cards, to credentials to SAP systems, which are typically associated with specific permissions and restrictions. From the IT security point of view, it is troublesome that digital identities are usually located in a heterogeneous IT environment, i.e. they are distributed among different systems, applications and directories that are often not synchronized with each other. This makes it difficult to ensure consistent security standards. In addition, a lot of working time is spent on providing each employee with exactly the IT systems he needs for his work.

Our consultants will work in developing a concept and an approach for a centrally managed system landscape that would be tailored to your needs and thus increase both work productivity as well as providing more transparency in access and data changes. To do this, we will analyze your user and authorization workflow and its expansion requirements to ensure optimal design and implementation of the future IDM. We would also migrate your complete user administration to the new system. SAP Netweaver Identity Management not only includes existing SAP software, but also integrates your entire IT landscape including LDAP directories (such as Microsoft Active Directory) or e-mail services such as Lotus Notes. We will support you with the installation regardless of location —  even if you wish to do it yourself on site. We never forget the user and always take the user role in consideration and thus optimally align the final user interface for you. In addition to economic reasons, functioning identity management is also increasingly required by legal regulations (such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), Solvency II, KonTraG).

We will support you holistically in the development of your Identity Management System and help you to define meaningful business roles in your company, take care of the technical implementation and ensure that your Identity Management meets all compliance requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.