Change Management

Economic environments and conditions have been constantly changing and companies should and need to react and respond to the constantly fluctuating markets. This usually leads to changed processes and reorganizations of process organizations within a company. Particularly, changes in IT system landscapes such as the introduction of a new SAP modules bring major changes in the work processes of the workforce.

Change Leader Ship is part of the change management and takes care of the organizational changes and the people involved rather than the processes themselves. Its particular role is to analyze, communicate and control the forthcoming changes.

In our SAP projects, we plan new processes as well as optimizing old ones. These processes affect different areas of an organization. In doing so, we do not see ourselves as only a partner to implement these processes, but also as a role partner to accompany and shape the changes in the company. The timely involvement of the employees plays an important role in feeling that they have been specifically selected and are not confronted with fait accompli.

Good change management keeps the overview of the whole. We can help you analyze potential problems and use them constructively. Together we communicate the change and present the positive aspects. We redefine the focus of your employees away from the stereotypical “We have always done it so and it has always been good” – and redirect it to the benefits of the new solutions and their utilization as motivation factors.

If you have any questions about change management, please do not hesitate to contact us.