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Our Objective: Straightforward and efficient consulting

Inwerken AG is a team of talented and experienced individuals with world class skills in a wide range of SAP solutions. We possess profound experience in dealing with structural changes in system landscapes. We think in action rather than in simple reaction. We see ourselves as a trusted partner who offers quality, efficiency and technology value through in depth SAP knowledge.

Change management tasks require pragmatic approach and a high level of commitment. Two of the factors that we strongly believe in, which are undoubtedly part of our strengths.

We do not waste time on trivial matters but we take immediate action. What is imperative and fundamental for us, is to do so with professionalism and deployment of our many years of  hands-on experience.

Our SAP consulting team is comprised of reliable, trusted, passionate and dedicated professionals who truly seek to create and add value for you. We do so by consistently taking the user perspective into account and by placing your team at the centre of change.

It is our ultimate task and responsibility to sort, untangle and at the end solve difficult and tricky situations. We do so efficiently due to our passion for solutions. We highly aim to support you in creating agile and practice oriented process structures that would finally enable your employees to create, adapt and drive change.

ERP – Feeling at home in the SAP world.

The Inwerken specialists have been living for years in the SAP world. We are aware of the opportunities and the pitfalls of this world. This is our core business.

From conceptualization to implementation.

From customizing to individual solutions.

From complete processing to training.

We think in processes and advise you in a straightforward and efficient manner so that minor details do not waste your valuable time. We do so with pragmatic and rapid solutions.

It does not matter if the task is a complex international integration project or one of a smaller magnitude, we always act according to a firm principle: To identify clearly the strengths and potentials of your process flows and then map these by using the appropriate software.

What does Inwerken AG consulting mean to you: Your team is enhanced by additional professionals who open the patterns of thought and approach the tasks professionally with an open and unbiased mind. Initiate, encourage, stimulate and cultivate the processes of change.

Support: Finally, Inwerken offers continuous and reliable support after the Go-Live period of your SAP ERP system.

Through our many years of experience in logistics our knowledge and expertise are both deep and wide. This means that we have a sound and profound knowledge in both, the development of customized solutions for individual modules such as, Materials Management (MM), Production Control and Planning (PP) and Distribution (SD), as well as a distinctive knowledge by which we can ensure an optimal interaction of all modules. Our customer portfolio contains medium enterprises as well as large corporations which value our ability and capacity in realizing complex functions such as various configurations or solutions for Handling Unit Management. With Inwerken and  SAP ERP you will obtain a logistics system which has evolved and grown to the challenges of the modern Supply Chain Managements (SCMs)

Sales & Service Team

Specializing in all processes in sales, service, dispatch and invoicing

Logistics Team

Specializing in material management, warehouse management, production planning, production control and
Quality management

Finance & Controlling Team

Specializing in the optimal design of
Accounting and controlling processes

Customer Relations Management Team

Specializing in customer relationship management in marketing, sales and service

Path of development – Create and develop

Many specific business operations require custom SAP applications. Our high quality solutions are developed with your needs in mind. Develop new and innovative applications? Specific solutions that are developed to meet your exact project requirements? Developed solutions to be used as a starting point for solving specific challenges? If these are some of your challenges, then you need not look any further. We are an experienced, certified partner for software development in the SAP environment. Expertise you can trully rely on.

Inwerken believes in and relies on ideas that can be grasped, developed and implemented. We ensure that all members of our project teams are brought together. Open communication channels, coordination and cooperation are our tools used to assure you that your project goals will be reached. This overall view is absolutely essential for precise implementation in multi-project circumstances.

Should your current SAP construction site require know-how in usability measures, reports, migration programs, interfaces or devlopment of your own business logic? Based on our broad experience all of the above can be managed on a common ground. Furthermore, our flat hierarchy and our short communication paths are two of the other factors which define our agility.


Inwerker as authors

We share our developer knowledge. Inwerken specialists have compiled succesful recipes for frequent development tasks with ABAP Objects, which step by step lead to tested and proven solutions

ABAP Kochbuch

Reliable security and safety during installation and operation.

SAP systems are critical to your business. Any downtime to your systems results to business interruptions or indeed to a complete halt. SAP systems in your landscape require SAP Basis activities and continuous maintenance. This ensures an active management and life cycle maintenance.

Ensuring the highest possible availability and performance of the central SAP systems is essential for your operational success. Therefore, your SAP-based software needs a reliable partner in supporting all processes without interruption.
No matter which SAP platforms, database technologies and operating systems you are in the process of constructing, we provide the right know-how and assume responsibility for smooth SAP operations. The Inwerken team of experts will assist you with the installation of your SAP systems, take care of maintenance, new releases, patches and monitoring, get the maximum performance from your systems through performance optimization and be able to manage all SAP and non-SAP Systems efficiently. Furthermore, we will create the foundation for secure, high-performance and up-to-date SAP applications.

At Inwerken, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of SAP systems and procedures. From SAP BASIS support to Functional (FI, CO, SD, MM, PP). We provide seamless support and proactive monitoring of SAP systems for midsize businesses and organizations.

Keep your systems in Focus and make your company more effiecient
SAP ERP applications are reliable and offer you the business functions needed. SAP ERP offers your company  quick return on investment  as well as more effective management of your business processes upon which right decisions are made. This enables you to work more productively, gain firm control of costs and generate higher profits..

SAP ERP maps your central business processes: finance, human resources, procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and service. In addition to the standard functions, the system can be expanded in  accordance to your requirements and offer you complete SAP services. It is therefore imperative, that the ERP infrastructure in your company, functions on a continuous basis.

For more than 15 years, Inwerken experts have been implementing and operating ERP SAP_based systems for midsize companies . The service and support of Inwerken  enable you to tap, maintain and protect the full potential of your IT systems. By storing these standardized processes your team is not only enhanced but is able to focus better on primary tasks.
Good support on an equal level is an essential part of our business  philosophy and relations. We offer you reliable, fully transparent, plannable and safer all-round support: We assure you of consistent contact to our service team and guaranteed accessibility as well as  tangible key indicators for quality assurance of services.

Briefly said: A common goal in mind: Durable and stable maintenance as well as the optimization of all digital business processes in your company.

New technologies –  For the success of tomorrow

Business life of today, is commanded and dictated by an unprecedented and ever-intensifying form of communication and collaboration. The pace of innovation is extremely fast and it is driven by a new wave of customer behavior. There are great opportunities for integrating, engaging and inspiring users through proactive action.

The daily drive and motivation of Inwerken is to ensure that new technologies become accessible to our business partners. We develop innovative digital perspectives and implement these by means of Information Technology. This opens up entire new possibilities and opportunities with the scope of making life easier – for you, for your business partners and your team. They are intuitive, transparent and reduced to the basics.

From HTML5 via JavaScript to CSS, from Design Thinking via SAPUI5 to Fiori Mobile, from relational Data Bases via HANA to Hadoop, from SaaS via Cloud to IoT.

Do you wish to question known structures, take up new positions so that your business occurs today and indeed continues tomorrow, all these within an environment where your customers are keen in doing  business with you? – then we should work together. We are the architects and constructors who build bridges between technology and business. By means of self-evident networking and continuous exchange of knowledge, we are committed and determined to tackle decisively the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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