The development environment Eclipse became known through the programming language Java. For some years, though, Eclipse has also supported programming with ABAP. Many Java developers swear by the development environment as it offers many opportunities to simplify development and improve the quality of the source code. A few years ago, SAP also realized that developing with this development environment has many advantages. Some of them are obvious and here are some:

Advantages of Eclipse

Plugins offer the possibility to extend Eclipse with additional functionalities. This makes the development environment even more flexible and interesting. This feature also uses SAP. Plugins are provided for the so-called ABAP Development Tools (ADT). The ABAP development tools thus extend the development environment with the features required for SAP development.

In contrast to the well-known development environments, which serve the pure ABAP development, one can also install plug-ins for the SAP Business Warehouse, SAP UI5 and SAP HANA development, so that one has a uniform development environment for different development activities. Another advantage is that you can embed multiple systems in Eclipse. This allows a better overview of open systems and a rather comfortable switching between them. In addition, Eclipse offers the option of being able to process an unlimited number of development objects simultaneously.

Another advantage of programming in Eclipse is that the entire working environment is backed up on exit. This will save developers a lot of trouble as they can always continue at the point where they left off. This is also guaranteed should it be forgotten to save or should there be a sudden disconnection from the system. Additionally, Eclipse offers the possibility to outsource code fragments directly into methods and to rename objects with automatic adjustment of the where-used list. Another special feature is Quickfixes: they are not only used for the quick correction of errors, but also have useful functions that you would have otherwise done via a wizard or buttons in the old development environment.

Disadvantages of Eclipse

However, it should be mentioned that Eclipse has not only advantages, but also disadvantages compared to the currently used or old development environments. It is much more complex than other development environments. As a result, you have to plan enough time to get familiarized with it. Here is the motto: Progress means that you have to deal with new technologies.

Conclusion of  ABAP in Eclipse

SAP always emphasizes that the development environment Eclipse will be the future for the SAP developers because the future of SAP is in the cloud and it also provides no GUI for development. There are, already, some objects, such as CDS views that can only be changed and edited in Eclipse. Another reason to deal with the topic is that the SAP continuously enhances the development environment with additional features and improves the existing ones.
At Inwerken, Eclipse has long gained a foothold due to the advantages mentioned above. We therefore strongly recommend, to anyone who asks us our opinion, the switch to Eclipse.

Further training in Hannover

For developers who are willing to switch to Eclipse, Inwerken offers various events, such as “ABAP CodeRetreat” or “SAP CodeJam”. You are either supported in the first steps in the new development environment during the event or you will be informed about the latest features the day before the event. We are always happy to see new faces!