On the 3rd of May 2018 we will host a special SAP CodeJam: It is in collaboration with “Google”. Lucia Subatin will be the speaker from SAP. In a small interview she introduces herself and tells us what she is expecting from the CodeJam.

Lucia, could you introduce yourself to people who don´t know you yet?
I am a Developer Evangelist and Advocate in the Global Developer and Community Relations team at SAP. I have joined SAP after 10 years of  implementing SAP solutions in different roles, from ABAP developer or HANA Native developer to Project Manager. Currently, I am going around the world helping people to getting in touch with the greatest and the latest in SAP HANA, with the hope that they will take their feedback to the product teams.

In general, what do you think about SAP CodeJam (s)?
I greatly enjoy them. I think I learn more from the participants than what they learn from me. It’s a perfect mix of learning, experimenting, sharing as well as food and coffee.

What is the reason for the SAP CodeJam tour along with Google?
As we have joined forces, SAP HANA runs on Google Cloud Platform. In return that makes the core of SAP running on Google’s solid platform; the two perfectly complement each other. This, though, is not limited to HANA and GCP. There are great tools and technologies that have already been combining into solutions that make it easier for us developers, to bring value to our businesses.

What do you think is the biggest advantage for participants visiting the event?
The two CodeJams in Germany (Munich and Hanover) will be the first in a global series so you will be getting the latest material straight from the source. On a higher level, cloud native development is the way forward for intelligent businesses and this is the approach we are taking. All of the tools that will be used are cloud-based and so these are the better practices that will be shared.

What will you be expecting from the SAP CodeJam in Hanover?
That we will not only learn something but also have some great fun. Hopefully, my vocabulary will also grow larger.

Thank you very much for your time, Lucia! We are looking forward meeting you at a great community event!

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