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Since 2019 Inwerken offers different seminars for purchase, logistic and IT. With the seminars you have the possibility to educate in these scopes. Our expert Nasko Dimitrow coaches you in different topics and ensures that you get the best input. There are max. 12 people in one seminar. He is a former IHK- and academic as well as re-elected BME management in Erfurt and has a lot of knowledge in these topics. Since the 80ies he works in the IT indistry, in different positions, scopes and companies. So you benefit as a participant because of his extensive know-how and experience in theory and praxis.

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For every seminar you a get specific summary in form of extensive seminar documents. So you have the possibility to notice questions and content and you can read up everything after the event. You also get a certificate, that evidences you all learned soft skills and professional competences of the seminars.

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