Fred VerheulMachine Learning 101This will be a basic and general introduction to machine learning. Not SAP-specific, but hopefully still useful for SAP folks.Slides
Thomas GauweilerCDS and BOPFDraft Enabled Transactional Processing with CDS and BOPF
Karol KaliszUpdates from IoT areaWhat’s new in IoT – new uses cases, roadmap and current products. Possibly some demo of one product.
Fabian LehmannSAP HCP IoT Services 4.0Overview, Architecture, HCP IoT Services Cockpit, HCP IoT API Service, Live Demo: connect a Thing (Sensor) with IoT Services 4.0 and get real time data.Slides
Gregor WolfAmazon EchoGregor talks about (and with) Amazon Echo
Enno WulffGUI DesignerEnno talks about his GUI Designer which uses extreme generic and dynamic programming techniques. Containers will be dynamically generated by a click of the user and filled with any control (ALV-Grid, Calendar, Picture, HTML and own created modules)
Gregor WolfSAP Event registrationSAP Event Registration – Native HANA XS Classic development on HCP The SAP Event Registration app is a community project licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. The app provides organizers of SAP community events a platform for the participant registration. I want to share my experience developing the app on HANA Express Edition, SAP Web IDE personal edition and deploying on HCP.
Carsten KomnikSerialize of Classes with De-Serialize againSerialize of Classes with De-Serialize again. Run different instances of a class in parallel by RFC FM. Explaining an proof of concept.Slides
Rainer WinklerWorking with Legacy CodeRainer talks about Legacy Code, that is code without tests in SAP and how to handle this. He mentions Unit Tests and Test Seams and an open source tool to generate commented dependency graphs with Moose.Slides
Stefan SchmöckerABAP2XLSXStefan will talk about ABAP2XLSX – an open source project that allows to work with native Excel-files in a SAP R/3 environment.  He’ll tell how to get it on your system and will give a basic overview of supported Excel-features and its limitations.  Furthermore some examples how it can be (or ist) used in a productive system will be presented.Slides

Difference Dataexport FROM Excel

Real Word Examples

Jörn LembkeLoRa Networks for the IoTBenefits and shortfalls of LoRa LPWAN in the IoT world. What are typical LoRa, respectively LoRaWAN use cases?