The uses and benefits of intuitive web applications have been for long recognized by SAP and meet the needs with the SAP Netweaver Portal and technologies like WebDynpro for ABAP/Java and Business Server Pages. The next evolution in web technology is established with open standards like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The people are used to have these state of the art technologies in her daily life – whenever they browse through the internet. UIs based on modern technologies, easy to use and with an attractive appearance. SAP has responded to this by inventing SAPUI5. SAPUI5 is the buzzword when it comes to transferring specific company data in interactive and responsive user interfaces. Furthermore, these user interfaces are based on the latest web standards virtually offering  unlimited possibilities and potentials.

  Responsive Designs

Inwerken FlightFinder Demo – MobileIn the meantime, the so called Responsive Designs boast a good image  in websites and web applications. These Designs are constructed in accordance to the user’s mobile device. Furthermore, for this purpose SAPUI5 offers a library in order to customize the display of mobile devices, whereas native solutions need to be crafted for each operating system and extra costs on a display for the latest smartphone or tablet. Here at Inwerken, we prefer to use one application for all application cases if this meets the customers requirements.     SAPUI5 and OData

SAPUI5 is committed to open standards as compatible and flexible interfaces in communicating with background systems. In a said reference, the exchange of data via OData represents one of the most elegant solutions that are currently available. The application server provides OData services as resources being “consumed” by the browser via HTML and Rest based communication files. Resources whose data is transferred in JSON or AtomPub formats can be quickly and easily connected to SAPUI5 view elements. Furthermore, the


Inwerken FlightFinder Demo – Desktop

Inwerken and SAPUI5 Inwerken relies on SAPUI5 when it comes to developing web applications with modern and scalable user interfaces. Applications that ensure a seamless binding with the systems and are in conjunction with technologies such as  SAP Netweaver Gateway that even enable data from the entire system landscape to be tapped and deployed by the user. Binding of SAPGUI on laptops and desktop pc’s is made entirely redundant. Processes steerable via smartphones and tablets are enabled by the use of SAPUI5.