Reasons for SAP HANA

There are many companies that have already opted for the hybrid solution approach of SAP HANA. The in-memory database accelerates existing business processes through functional and algorithmic components optimized for in-memory processing and tightly coupled to the database. Other SAP components and modules can use these functions. These speed up the processes and enable, ad hoc planning and simulation runs or direct reporting of operational data.

In general, SAP HANA offers the advantage of reducing the number and size of databases, thereby reducing the complexity of the overall environment. The cost for data synchronization between the systems is significantly reduced. The introduction of SAP HANA does not always make sense for every company. The introduction of SAP HANA should, however, be thought of in the context of the following situations: The digital transformation of a company requires a closer connection to its own stakeholders, consistent software-based processes and intensive networking with all end devices. The SAP cloud platform is now the expansion and integration platform for the entire SAP portfolio. It lays the technical foundation for a whole range of new applications and SAP Internet of Things product lines, machine learning, Big Data, and multi-cloud delivery models. It therefore, provides the perfect basis for the sprint start into the future.

Introducing SAP HANA should be considered because of aging or complex IT infrastructure. SAP HANA enables you to bundle and organize all data on a single platform in order to create a single, reliable source of data and to simplify your IT. This provides immediate benefits in the form of savings in areas such as floor space (less hardware), data center maintenance or data center cooling and most of all it increases user productivity.

 Together we will analyze your processes and create a concept for the strategic SAP HANA implementation. We will assist you with the installation and adapt your inventory code to the new applications. We ensure the success of the implementation with the help of integration tests, training and go-live support.

If you have any questions about SAP HANA, please do not hesitate to contact us.