In principle, we at Inwerken think positive about restarts. True to the well-known quote “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” We see this as an opportunity to fix errors, change directions or break new ground. In 2022 we would have liked to have pressed a restart button on many global political issues, as well as social situations and subject areas, and rectify malfunctions. But while technical systems can be neutralized by shutting down and restarting, it is usually not that easy in other environments.

Momentum: Inwerken AG’s daily contribution

What has not changed for Inwerken as an SAP and IT service provider despite the turbulent year 2022 is our daily mission: to simplify other people’s daily work with the help of digital (ERP) solutions. This is not only a performance promise, but at the same time our small contribution to the necessary restart. The digital mapping and optimization of processes offers many opportunities: For example, processes can be carried out more energy-efficient, unnecessary work routes can be avoided, or paper resources can be saved. At the same time, there are numerous options for using new technologies to act more safely, more comfortably and more sustainably.

46% of German companies have been victims of cyber attacks in the last 12 months

The increasing degree of digitization and automation clearly shows that progress must be accompanied by improved system quality, performance, and security. An online survey conducted worldwide in 2022 with 5,181 IT security professionals that were interviewed, shows that around 46% of the German companies have been the victim of a cyber-attack, at least once, in the past 12 months. The global average is around 49% (cf. Statista, 2022). In order to show that Inwerken is well positioned, and that the topic is important to us as an SAP service provider, we are striving towards being certified to ISO 27001:2017 in 2023. We have successfully completed all necessary audits in all relevant areas and have now been certified according to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 in 2022. In this respect, as a trustworthy business partner with an official seal, we can show that we live continuous improvement and that our customers can truly rely on Inwerken in providing professional and responsible services.

Inwerken offers new IT infrastructure services in 2023

In order to meet the specified systemic requirements, an IT basis is also required which of course meets the necessary requirements. A special outlook for the coming year is the expansion of our IT infrastructure service area and for this purpose, we have strengthened our in-house team. The dynamic working team of experts has already been entrusted with some customer orders. In the meantime though, we are still looking for other network and technology lovers who dare to start a new career at Inwerken. Together, we will then plan new systems and improve existing ones.

2023 Isernhagen/Hanover/Rudolstadt/Berlin: Apprenticeship, studies and more.

Anyone who wants to gain a foothold in professional life will find a range of training, study and entry options in different areas at Inwerken in 2023. Trainers place great emphasis on practical learning in real projects. Theoretical basics are mutually developed and practical tools are provided. In focus: Learning to work independently and responsibly with a view of the bigger picture. Current training and study options are listed below:

  •  Apprenticeship: Office management clerk (m/f/d)
  •  Apprenticeship: IT specialist for application development (m/f/d)
  •  Apprenticeship: IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d)
  •  Dual studies: Business Informatics (m/f/d)
  •  Working student: Human Resources (m/f/d)
  •  Bachelor/Master thesis: Marketing focus TikTok (m/f/d)
  •  Internships for career orientation (max. 2 people m/f/d at the same time)

2023: Planned commitment to social issues

Outside of the SAP and IT working world, crises, political and ecological awareness are increasingly ensuring that companies can no longer regard themselves as pure value-added providers. Inwerken has been supporting Romanian schools with material goods for many years.  Inwerken makes annual donations to the Oncological Forum Celle e. V.. Employees at the Forum make invaluable contribution, by providing cancer advice and offering relevant courses to those affected and their families. Inwerken will focus even more on social awareness and sustainability issues, which will also be part of corporate planning in the coming years, starting with the expansion of sustainable work basis through to the promotion of social commitment and responsibility. To enhance the promotion of social commitment and responsibility, Inwerken employees are organizing a May Festival as a reward and acknowledgment to the services of the volunteers at the Burgwedeler Tafel e. V.. The volunteers are confronted with steadily increasing customer numbers as a result of the renewed increase in the number of refugees and inflation at the beginning of 2022. Inwerkers would like to take this festival opportunity to thank volunteers and their families for their enormous commitment.

Thank you 2022 – Power 2023

We would like to thank all our business partners for this turbulent but very successful year 2022. We would like to wish you a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year 2023. Let us start 2023 with new power. Special thanks to our business partners, all employees of WSN Technologies AG, Synväx GmbH and Inwerken AG. Together we have achieved something unique and can look forward to new challenging projects. Here’s to a successful and fresh start to the year!