Ingo Bräuninger is an expert on the Product Innovation Technology Platform ABAP. On 14th of february 2019, he will be the lecturer for the SAP CodeJam “Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA” at Inwerken. In our interview he tells us what can be learned.

Hi Ingo! We are pleased to welcome you back to Inwerken as SAP CodeJam expert in 2019. What is the jam “Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA” all about?
Ingo: One of the biggest challenges for our customers during the system conversion to S/4HANA (or Suite on HANA) on-premise, is the custom code adaptation. These adaptations are necessary because of the simplifications (e.g. data model changes, removal of obsolete functionality, removal of redundant components) in S/4HANA, compared to the classic ERP. To minimize the efforts for our customers to adapt their code, the ABAP Platform provides tools to analyze custom code based on the so-called simplification database. This toolset is crucial for the adoption of S/4HANA on-premises.

How do you approach the topic with your participants?
Ingo: First, I’m going to start the topic with a presentation to motivate the guys and girls. After that, the participants get to know and learn about the tools (demo) and then of course they can try it out for themselves ?

What’s so fascinating about a Custom Code migration to S/4HANA?
Ingo: Every On-Premises customer have their own customised coding that they very likely must migrate to S4.

S/4HANA launch: Is the best way Greenfield or Brownfield?
Ingo: I can’t answer that … the customer must decide that for themselves.

Why should it be necessary for you to be part of a CodeJam on Valentine’s Day?
Whether you’re single or not, come and share the CodeJam with us.

Thanks for your time! We are looking forward to the upcoming CodeJam!

“Ingo Bräuninger is a Product Expert in the Products & Innovation PI Core Platform ABAP Server and currently working in the Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA development team. To minimize the efforts for our customers to adapt their custom code we provide a tool set to analyze custom code to help customers on their journey to S/4HANA. He is also a founding member of the ABAP for SAP HANA Integration Team in order to help to demonstrate the power of ABAP and HANA. Since 2004, Ingo has emerged himself in the culture of SAP, and he is one of the guys that SAP trusts to represents them and run their famous SAP CodeJam sessions.”