SAP has awarded Inwerken AG with the “SAP Recognized Expertise” in the area of Enterprise Mobility.

Inwerken AG employees have, for almost 15 years, been offering professional and business related SAP consulting with the scope of making other people’s jobs easier and simpler. That was the simple approach out of which Combridge GmbH emerged. From this idea and a small office in Hanover a medium-sized IT consultancy company was established. Within a decade, more locations in Hanover, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Brunswick were opened. Not only good employees with growing experience and multitude of customers were added to the portfolio of the company but in 2009 the company joined a well- known and world class partner; SAP. In 2012/2013 the company was renamed to its present name of Inwerken AG and the partner’s recertification took place the same year. A new name, a new look, a new presence – Our core way of thinking though has remained the same; To build strong customer relationships based on honesty, openness, trust, reliability and competency. Inwerken and its employees, with its new outlook, stands for and represents a complete IT consultancy service and software development in the SAP environment. Frank Bachmann, is extremely pleased with the award and he also adds: “ The award of “SAP Recognized Expertise” by SAP, not only shows our professional and mutually profitable partnership with our customers but it also shows our direct partnership with SAP. The “Recognized Expertise Program” by SAP AG is the successor and has replaced the “Special Expertise” and “Validated Expertise”. The competencies and experience of the SAP partner are shown by the SAP “Recognized Expertise” Inwerken AG is one of the first SAP partners to have received this award for its competence in the area of Enterprise Mobility.