The product life cycle of a company’s product is critical to its success. It begins with the introduction of a new product into the market, followed by a growth phase where sales increase. Then the product reaches maturity where sales stabilize, and competition increases. In the saturation phase, sales decrease and finally the product enters a decline phase where it has evolved or replaced by new innovations or market trends.

Importance of quality management along the “Product Lifecycle”

In the SAP environment, the SAP solution “SAP Product Lifecycle Management” assists companies in managing the entire life cycle of their products, from product development to manufacturing, service and phasing out. By integrating processes and data, companies can increase efficiency, improve quality and promote innovation to remain competitive. Furthermore, this plays a central role in the business strategy and success of both the SAP system and a company’s products.

Integrative quality management ensures product quality at every stage of the product life cycle.

At the beginning, during the initial sample and pilot series phase, quality management monitors product development and manufacturing to ensure that the products meet the specified requirements. It identifies potential defects or problems at an early stage and enables corrective measures to be initiated to improve quality before series production begins.

Even during series production, quality management continuously monitors the processes and products to ensure that quality standards are met. By collecting and analysing quality data, deviations can be quickly identified and corrected to ensure product quality and minimize waste.

When changes are carried out to the product or process, quality management plays a key role by ensuring that these changes are properly documented, approved and implemented. It monitors the impact of the changes on product quality and, if necessary, performs additional testing or validation to continue to ensure quality.

Overall, fully integrated quality management ensures quality in every area of ​​the product lifecycle, from development to production to changes, helping to ensure that products meet customer requirements and expectations.

Highly integrated QM in S4HANA along the “Product Lifecycle”

Inwerken AG basically tries to offer a holistic solution that not only takes the product lifecycle into account but is also closely linked to quality management.

Our solution can do more than the SAP standard.

For example, the management of multiple documents for one and the same material is possible in our solution, thus ensuring the feasibility of a material change without affecting series production/series orders. Furthermore, changes made before a release can be traced retrospectively.

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