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Trusting business partnerships at eye level

We are valued as a trustworthy business partner. The basic prerequisite for this is reliable interaction and reliable cooperation on an equal footing. Inwerken is:

SAP Silver Partner

Inwerken is a long-standing international partner of SAP (silver status) with certified industry know-how. With us, you will benefit from numerous advantages of the multiple award-winning partner program from the ERP solution market leader. We will make more out of your SAP software!

Inwerken Auszeichnungen: Microsoft Silver Partner

Microsoft Silver Partner

We rely on a strong global partner in the field of data centers and are a Silver member of an expert community with thousands of participants from all over the world. We are happy to pass on the associated information, technology, and resource advantage to our customers.

Certified quality and safety management system

Get in touch if you have any (customization) questions about your SAP system, your infrastructure or need for service and support. For this purpose, our head office was named  ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified. The same applies to project management, the service area of ​​digital process transformation as well as consulting and development in the web sector.

DQS Certified 9001 Inwerken AG Quality Management System
DQS Certified 27001 Inwerken AG Quality Management System

Investing in climate-friendly mobility and climate-friendly work

Today, even in the consulting industry, it is no longer necessary to complete all customer appointments on site. This saves time and energy on the one hand, and travel expenses on the other, and prevents unnecessary environmental pollution. However, if an on-site appointment makes sense, it is important to us to do so using the most sustainable means of transport possible. That is why we at Inwerken offer and promote:


  • Offer of use of the Deutschlandticket for all employees
  • Acceptance and booking of corresponding rail cards and rail connections
  • Forming carpools with company pool vehicles provided
  • Gradual replacement of the vehicle fleet to promote climate-friendly mobility

The last point is carried out with the kind support of the EU, the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control:

EU NextGeneration Zertifikat

You can also find out more about partners and competencies in our expert blog

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