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What is project planning

Project planning describes the complete procedure in a project. This is divided into many logical fragments, from which in turn work packages, work steps and milestones are defined. Every step and every work package is given a unique process number. Breaking down on the various individual parts ensures increased transparency in the project and ensures that important work steps are not forgotten. Work packages, tasks and work steps can then be assigned to the relevant employees.
A project or procedure plan can be created from the fragments. This visualizes how long the individual phases and the overlapping processes last. Depending on the design of the project plan, the current status of the work package, phase or task can be reflected. The overall project plan shows the current project status and enables the project manager to react to possible complications in good time.
An example to better imagine project planning is the following:
The initial situation: It is planned to build a house, which should be ready and ready for occupancy on a certain plot of land in June of the following year. It is October. The property on which the house is to be built has not yet been acquired. In addition, it must first be prepared for construction.
What is the next step?
The project manager has to think about what things have to be done until the house is ready for occupancy on the property. This includes clarifying open questions. For example, what the house should look like and what other requirements exist: Should the house have a basement or garden? If so, is that even possible?

Once such questions have been clarified, it is time to set up a project plan. The project plan is similar to a timeline to which various tasks are assigned with their duration and start time.
Once the project plan has been drawn up, the tasks are assigned to the relevant employees so that the project can start.

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