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This Digital MeetUp is about suitable selection criteria for a modern and future-oriented ERP-System, which on the one hand, protects your own data against access by third people and on the other hand, is supported by state funding. Start-ups often have very heterogeneous IT structures. Often, different ERP-Systems have been introduced over time for specific departmental requirements. This heterogeneity usually becomes a problem for a variety of reasons. Not at least because of unnecessarily complex processes and increasingly poor data security. But when is the right time to invest in an ERP-System? Are there optimal frame conditions? What about the risks? Are government grants possible? How can I protect my data?
In this Digital MeetUp three speakers will answer your questions. First, there is a small technical input, so that a uniform knowledge base is created. The aim of the MeetUps is to show procedures and selection criteria that help to consolidate an ERP-System, according to your own needs.

Topics and speakers

  1. Different ERP-Systems in companies (Nasko Dimitrov – Inwerken AG)  
  2. Data security (Martin Siebert – Computer System GmbH)     
  3. Funding in the digital transformation (Wolfgang Dietrich – ThüEx4.0)


With the “Digital MeetUp” in Jena and Hanover, a series of events was launched, which presents specialist lectures on the topic of digitization. It offers a possibility of networking and exchange. The physical well-being is also not neglected at the event. The participants get a cold finger food buffet and wine. Participation in the event is free.

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