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Challenge the Host!

It’s that time again: On 24th February 2018 Inwerken will be hosting the second SAP Inside Track in Hannover and all SAP Enthusiasts are very welcome! The SIT World is supposed to be revolving around the needs of the Community. Plainly speaking: Your wish will be our mission. Our work environment is constantly evolving – faster than ever before. There is no time for flogging a dead horse or escaping into the functional isolation of the SAP world.  

The Orga-Team has decided to rise to the following challenge: Our community members should determine one speaking slot themselves. 

Here’s the idea: You tell us via Twitter (Hashtags #sitHVR #sitChallenge) which speakers you would like to listen to and what topics set you on fire – until 31st of October 2017.  

Then we will recap the most frequently mentioned topics and speakers for you to start the final vote in November. The Challenge for us: To succeed in bringing one of the Top5 topics or speakers to SAP InsideTrack Hannover. 

And if we fail to do so? In that case the conclusion of the SIT will only be fun for you, but not for us… 😊    

So, send those tweets on the way and Challenge the Host! 


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