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Welcome to the Inwerken-Community

With more than 17 years of experience we can clearly deduce and conclude that when knowledge is shared that becomes more and not less. We have written and added the network of continuous learning of the team in our agenda and we are trully convinced that the future can be experienced and lived today.

It is our wish that you are part of our „Outside the box“ thinking as many interesting „Sparring partners“ and good content exist in networks. The SAP world is huge. People that have been part of this movement for a long time in the SAP world bring and share instructive, interesting, exciting and new stories. There is a saying that really fits here; Do good and talk about it. People that have an active part in the SAP community offer help in solving problems, get to know about innovations and together explore new ideas.

Spacious, connecting, trusting, interdisciplinary and comprehensive topics, connecting relationships, open and reliable relationships……. Some of the characteristics of our community.