SAP CodeJams at Inwerken AG

In the area of development, we have, for many years ,been running internal development workshops and Code Dojos in order to train our own developers and to keep upto date our know-how of the latest technologies. Whoever is interested can search an interesting topic and hold a workshop. Some topics are based on current projects, some others are based on SAP training courses or on a variety other events.

Since 2013, we have supplemented our Developer Workshops with the Code Jam Event Series of SAP. SAP runs these events with preferred partners which take place at the partners` premises, with SAP providing their own experts. During these free events, developers are given the opportunity to try out the latest technologies and to question other participants and SAP experts of any other matters. We are pleased to hold these series of various events at our head office in Hanover. In connection to the CodeJam there is always the opportunity to exchange, network and discuss the possibilities of the presented technologies.

For the ones interested in CodeJam and in our ongoing and planned events we have now set up a newsletter.

There is a feedback-questionnaire about the previous events.

The SocialWall to the CodeJam in Hanover can be found here.

The Twitter-Hash Tag tot he CodeJam is „sapcjhan“ and the Inwerken account is „inwerken“

Nächste CodeJam

Newsletter / Feedback / Nächste Themen

Um CodeJam-Interessierte auf dem Laufenden über unsere geplanten Veranstaltungen zu halten, haben wir einen Newsletter eingerichtet.

Einen Feedback-Fragebogen zu den bisherigen Veranstaltungen finden Sie hier.
Die SocialWall zur CodeJam in Hannover finden Sie hier.

Der Twitter-HashTag zur CodeJam lautet „sapcjhan“, der Inwerken Account „inwerken“.