The SEPA file formats will be changed again on December 1st, 2022. Since the current data carriers for SEPA transfers no longer correspond to the current processing format, many companies receive corresponding information letters from their house banks. They will be informed that the payment media will no longer be accepted from December 2022 or payments can no longer be carried out.

Payment format update in SAP system

If you have received such a letter, your IT or a corresponding service provider must act promptly. The payment medium format can be updated via the so-called “DMEE”. To do this, the current structure is loaded into the SAP system using an XML file and then linked to the SEPA payment procedure.

Consequences of late withdrawals

The delay in outgoing payments to suppliers, employees or public authorities can have different effects on your company. On the one hand, there is the strain on the customer-supplier relationship, which has far-reaching consequences in times of scarcity of various raw materials. On the other hand, the employees are not happy if travel expenses or even wages and salaries are not transferred on time. In addition, late payment of taxes can result in penalties.

Reliable information on

If you are not sure whether you are using the current format, you can find out about the currently valid requirements at In the event that you need quick and uncomplicated help to bring your SEPA payment procedure up to date, please contact us. Simply write to us at