Where we are moving to
As from 1st January 2020 the new address of our headquarters will be: Pappelweg 5, 30916 Isernhagen. The new company building is just under two kilometers away from the previous location. The new building is located in the beautiful district of Isernhagen and is adjacent to a small forest. We look forward to lunch breaks by the water with customers, partners and colleagues. This also offers more space and it will give for our growing team the opportunity to implement some creative ideas.

How does it look?
The “New Company Building” project started two years ago. The aim, on the one hand, was to create more space for the growing workforce and, on the other, to strengthen the corporate culture through the facilities and properties offered by the new building.

A symmetrically constructed object with two large wings and a central tower was gradually developed. The building is an absolute eye catcher. This is due to the dark clinker bricks and to the impressive bright orange Inwerken colour which can be seen in the center of the façade tower. The four-petalled compass rose, which is the image element of the Inwerken logo, stands for “partnership”, “knowledge”, “listening” and “competence”.

Below the wind rose is the entrance to the new workplace. All three floors and both wings are easily accessible from there. The large windows not only create a friendly atmosphere in the reception area but in the offices and meeting rooms as well. Small colour highlights on  the window frames, the doors and the walls together with the all-over carpet will provide a warm corporate feeling.


In short:  Because of our IT basement children needs!  On the third floor a roof terrace was constructed making it ideal for colleagues to gather and exchange thoughts and ideas or to simply sit and chat after work (provided the weather permits it !!)

What changes for us
From a local point of view, the first thing that changes will be the train station as well as it is closer to our new headquarters. Furthermore, the options for lunch breaks are greater as we will be closer to public amenities. From a technical point of view though, we are looking forward to new office spaces, which can accommodate a maximum of four people, and in return will improve communication among colleagues. Furthermore, it will offer better internet connections, covered bicycle stands, sports courses and a wonderful local recreation area.

What changes for everyone else
We kindly ask you to bear in mind our new address whether is for correspondence or for your next visit to us. Nothing though changes in the other contact options. We can still be reached at the same phone and fax numbers as well as at the existing email addresses.

Build your own impression
: On 19th June 2020, we are opening our doors under the topic of the day “Inwerken Polaroid”. Simply capture the moment, review what has been so far and see what the status quo is and where it is heading. If you are interested in further information, please drop us an email at event@inwerken.de or contact our team in the administration department at einfach@inwerken.de. More information will be available here soon.