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In the “International” category, Inwerken AG presents, among other things, the “Capstone Project” also in cooperation with North Dakota State University. From a technological point of view, state-of-the-art framework tools were being used in the project. These include the “SAP IoT Services,” the “SAP Cloud Platform,” “SAPUI5,” “LoRa”, for the transmission of the sensor data and “Node-RED” as a gateway tool to transfer the data to the SAP Cloud. Such projects demonstrate the Inwerken AG international project experience.

IoT – Plug-and-Play – NDSU 2019

Every year, Inwerken cooperates with North Dakota State University in the form of exciting projects carried out by students and trainees. In 2019, the two cooperation partners are involvede in the “IoT” area. A very interesting development field, which contains many creative aspects and active involvement in various topics. [ Mehr… ]

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SAP IoT “Capstone-Project” with North Dakota State University

It is finished! This year’s collaboration between North Dakota State University and Inwerken AG has come to a successful conclusion.

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