SitHVR 2018: GUI-Scripting-Gurus, SCRUM Masters & Minihamburger

Am Samstag, den 24.2.2018 fand der zweite SAP Inside Track Hannover in den Räumen der Inwerken AG statt. Dieser zweite Inside Track war in zweifacher Hinsicht sehr besonders: [ Mehr… ]

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European City Tour SAP HANA XSA – Inwerken will host first CodeJam Event

SAP is running three exclusive CodeJams on the topic HANA XSA – and we are happy to host the kick off event!

When: Tuesday 19th of April, 10 a.m.
Where: Headquarters Inwerken AG, Hannover, Germany

We cordially invite you to gain insight first hand into the HANA XS Advanced Engine. Why the fuss and big deal about XSA? [ Mehr… ]

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SAP CodeJam HANA XSA featuring SAP Rock Stars

Almost a State Visit
They were here. In Hannover. Right there in situ. The long-sought-for visitors from overseas. No, not Obama and his staff, they are due only Saturday. I’m talking about the two Rock Stars from the U.S.: Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman. Accompanied by Craig Cmehil, who had a slightly shorter [ Mehr… ]

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