Web apps are browser-based applications that display a business process. They are also known as “online applications” or “web applications” and correspond to application programs that are mapped using a client-server model. Our web developers are experienced in the implementation of web apps in the context of full stack web development. There are no knowledge boundaries between the frontend and backend. We assist our customers in finding their way through the jungle of technology.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Regardless of the operating system
  • Executable offline
  • Straightforward usability
  • Reduced amount of work
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better corporate branding
  • Fast, ready-to-use functional parts through micro front ends
  • Direct connection to the ERP

Our team implements powerful, scalable and user-friendly web apps and support you in the operation of complex corporate applications beyond the development stages. Corresponding services can be found in our data sheet.

Web-Apps for digital strategies

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    The ABAP Cookbook: Success recipes for developers in the Area of ABAP Objects

    The ABAP Cookbook: Success recipes for ABAP developers by the Inwerken development team. Further information can be found here.

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