Those who use new technologies sensibly and implement them in their company can gain a significant competitive advantage. This is because professional technology management ensures the sustainability, future orientation and positioning of a company in the market and ensures that you remain agile. Agility is a basic requirement for marketability in the digital age.

Technology management encompasses the planning, organization, management and control of company processes, which include the procurement, storage and utilization of technologies. The course of our consultation contains the improvement your existing business models as well as developing new business models to meet your needs. In both cases, new technologies can be used to meet current and future IT requirements.

When considering the respective company, questions such as:

What are the current operational challenges?
How can these be resolved?
How does the IT infrastructure have to be structured in order to adapt to the future requirements of a dynamically changing market?
What market advantages do we currently have and how can we expand this lead further?
What new business models are created through the use of new technologies?

In addition to interface technologies such as SAP UI5 and Fiori, our solution portfolio also includes topics such as IoT and in the SAP context, examples such as; SAP Leonardo,            S/4HANA Logistics, Financials and Blockchain. In short, all topics that move in the following ranges:

Big data
Cloud computing
Machine learning
Process digitization
Mixed reality
User experience

Do you have questions about new technologies such as S / 4HANA, SAP UI5 or other topics such as big data?

Then feel free to contact us at any time!

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