Success story: Individual SAP factory – flexible. Intuitive. Digital.

Many machine manufacturers map their processes in SAP. The standard already offers many options. But what if a company needs more than the information technology control basis? What happens when untrained SAP users serve the workplaces? The goal is a conscious intervention for process improvement by “non-SAP users”? Inwerken implemented exactly such a scenario for a customer in the success story of the digital SAP factory.

Challenge and goal
Paperless production without additional interfaces or maintenance, flexibility in the manufacturing process, ensuring the traceability of batches, for example, an unlimited number of users and many other requirements were addressed by the medium-sized manufacturer to the Inwerken consulting and development employees. The primary economic goal of the manufacturer is the timely completion and improved scheduled assembly utilization and machine delivery.

One of the first steps was to develop a factory layout optimized workplace hierarchy. Instead of the usual MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System), SAPUI5 worklists were made available on the installed terminals in the various work areas of the factory. The hierarchy developed jointly controls which terminal displays the corresponding worklists. Among other things, this has the advantage that the order display can be flexibly adapted. At the same time, it makes it possible to intervene if changes are required.

It consists of four application components to ensure that all factory employees get along with the solution. All are based on modern SAPUI5 technology. This enables intuitive handling of the SAP system on the one hand and the use of mobile devices on the other. Each app is adapted to the needs of the individual departments and the processes to be handled in them. In some cases, the applications are also created analogously to the mechanical workflows in the system. This means that all production areas can organize themselves without SAP knowledge and ensure optimal utilization. The system delivers the data in real time and the error rate within the production line drops due to the integrated application features.

Result and more information
The additional added value that was created for the employees of the manufacturer in this case was so great that no significant change management or training measures were required to establish the changes. You can find out the precise practical implementation of the individual applications, what other advantages result from the features and what is still possible in the future in the “Digital SAP Factory” success story. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Success-Story Individuelle SAP Fabrik

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