An S/4HANA migration (see S/4HANA) in the Greenfield approach offers you the opportunity for a digital restart of your system landscape. With this approach, systems and processes are completely reconfigured. At the same time, the fourth software generation of the SAP Business Suite makes technological leaps and uses HANA database technology (see HANA). Data is now provided to you in real time and legacy data such as historical data is archived in the greenfield migration scenario but not transported to SAP S/4HANA. This reduces the volume of data to be migrated and, among other things, positively noticeable in your operating costs.

Goals and successes of an SAP S/4HANA migration in the Greenfield approach

A Greenfield migration to the new S/4HANA system offers many opportunities to your company. Therefore, an active initiative on your part significantly improves digital value creation:

  • Your current day-to-day business will not be systemically burdened during the setup of a Greenfield migration.

  • In one step you get a company-wide uniform IT system that is close to the SAP standard and ready for the future.

  • Processes are aligned directly, optimally and leanly to the company structures. With the ability to rebuild and improve organizational structures, you can fully exploit the S/4HANA potential. At the same time, your new business processes are simplified through standardization and form a secure architectural basis.

  • Through new, optimized and automated business processes, new business models can be developed directly and innovative technologies can be used.

You can also find further general advantages of SAP S/4HANA as well as information or hosting options here

When is an S/4HANA Greenfield migration interesting?

The choice of a complete reimplementation can have different reasons. Examples and reasons when an S/4 HANA greenfield migration is interesting include the following:

If you want to introduce SAP for the first time.

If the data of your organizational structure no longer meets current needs.

You plan strategic process or organizational changes, for example to merge existing systems into a consistent one.

If the following examples apply, especially in combination, an S/4HANA Greenfield implementation should also be considered: The release you are using is older than SAP ECC 6.0, there are many in-house developments with unclear usage and you have not yet used ABAP Unicode, SAP Business Partner also has the new accounting general ledger.

Questions about S/4HANA migration in the Greenfield approach?

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