If you want to map your new logistics processes in SAP or if you wish to optimize existing ones by automating and targeting necessary information for your own users, then you are in good hands with our logistics expert team. We offer key-user support for all logistical issues and problem solutions in the SAP area and together with you determine the optimal solution for your individual requirements. We have proven ourselves many times in the past with “workflow-based process automation” or “logistical mismatch and replenishment control via warehouse management” and are always ready to meet customer requirements by demonstrating our flexibility and creativity in joint projects.
Not only do we feel responsible for individual logistics modules as consultants, but we are also the reliable contact point for cross-module problems covering the entire supply chain thanks to our wide range of experience. This knowledge base is the result of our many years of cross-industry consulting and development activities. It allows us to holistically analyze customer challenges so that dependencies in integration processes can be identified clearly and quickly. Our consultants are distinguished by their extensive and deep technical know-how and through this knowledge we are able to offer our customers a multitude of possible solutions and estimate the respective effort in advance.
The optimization of our own logistics processes holds a great deal of potential: starting with reduced personnel costs, minimizing interfaces, lower capital commitment, technological competitive advantages, improved delivery times and delivery quality as well as enabling alternative financing methods.

It is also exciting to work with our wholly owned subsidiary WSN Technologies AG. WSN Technologies AG develops end-to-end solutions for the acquisition, transmission and management of sensor data in operational processes, which contribute to increasing efficiency, reducing errors and minimizing costs. Among other things, WSN develops eKanban solutions to simplify manufacturing activities and processes. In order picking, for example, errors are reduced and efficiency is increased by automated recording of sensor information when removing spills or by filling up parts with the supportive “pick-by-light” technology.

A contact person you can rely on will accompany our consultants from the beginning to the end of the project.
Feel free to contact us at any time and get to know our team!

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WSN Inwerken ekanban

Our goal is to make Kanban easier, safer and more efficient than ever before. We provide you with a complete package tailored to your needs, consisting of consultation, implementation and maintenance. More information: eKanban.

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Alexander Plachetzky

Alexander Plachetzky